Our impressive selection of prevalent and reputable Swiss security companies represents an unmatched portfolio of state-of-the-art security software and hardware solutions; internationally recognized for their superior sophistication and unmatched abilities.

Regardless of location or challenge, our comprehensive suite of established companies and in-demand products repeatedly earn the trust and repeat business of those who seek to secure their borders and ports of call across air, land, and sea.

If you require a SUPERIOR security upgrade, and are seeking a provider with unmatched expertise, you’ll find it with SST!

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Bravo Zulu

Drone Defence Security Systems

Bravo Zulu develops cutting-edge, award-winning counter-drone security systems for a growing list of Global customers requiring market-leading intelligence and counterintelligence solutions.
Recognized for pioneering cutting-edge technology capable of detecting and jamming unwanted drones, Bravo Zulu’s software and hardware offerings provide options for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as well.
Founded on two decades of experience, their distinct and innovative design customization and service process continues to attract and assist high-profile clients across the Military, Special Forces, Secret Services, Marine, NGOs and Multinationals, as well as Anti-Corruption Committees, Banks, and Security companies.

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    Intelligence, Counterintelligence
    & Counterterrorism

    SCG produces exclusive hardware and software security solutions designed to equip our clients for superior electronic warfare and countermeasures within the ever-evolving fields of intelligence, counterintelligence, IT-security, and counterterrorism.
    SCG pioneered the development of remote-controlled improvised explosive device(RCIED) jamming technology in cooperation with European Special Forces and in collaboration with NATO.
    For more than two decades, SCG’s passionate team of specialists and senior engineers have provided a variety of innovative OEM manufacturing, product development, and technology transfer solutions to a world-wide list of Military, Special Forces, Electronic Warfare Centres, Presidential Guards, Police, Secret Services, Prisons, NGOs, Multinationals, Anti-Corruption Committees, Banks, and Security Company clients.

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      Transportation Security

      Tudor Scan Tech is the industry leader in the development of safe, secure, and innovative security solutions for the global transportation, aviation, border control, ground transportation, and logistics management sectors.
      Specifically, Tudor designs and manufactures a suite of state-of-the-art scanners used in aircraft x-ray scanning, airport counter-terrorist checkpoints, access control procedures, video surveillance operations, and perimeter-protection systems around the world.
      For more than two decades, Tudor has provided secure perspectives in air, sea, and land transportation, thanks in part to their unique and ongoing ability to engage and collaborate with security experts, regulatory officials, border control authorities and the transportation industry as a whole

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